Max Holford

Product Manager

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I believe good design solves complex problems. Creating meaningful, sophisticated stories beautifully and simply, whilst being practical and technically pure to create value for everyone involved.

My name is Max and I’m a designer based in Newcastle, UK. My vision is to master the craft of managing design projects as a whole. A holistic mind-set that should be built upon an understanding of the unique pillars that hold up a project; creativity, technology, finance and emotion.

I believe the key to this is communication. Using compassion and empathy to best cater your messages to help empower your team and audience to ultimately achieve the goals you’ve set.

I count myself lucky to have grown up on the cusp of a new age, the digital age. Being a native of new technologies and ways of thinking yet standing on the shoulders of proven traditional skill. I understand the charming nature of humans in all walks of life and revel in design as a means to communicate and serve the everday people I know and love.

Who I've worked with

I'm part of the team at Donr. A tech for good company, helping connect nonprofit organisations with innovative technology and online communities to inspire change. Check us out →

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