Lil' toolkit for a banging game of bingo

(In both virtual and real life)

What's the crack here then?

Truth be told, this little website probably looks cleverer than it actually is. It's simply two things. Firstly, a 1-90 Bingo Ticket generator and secondly a Bingo Ball generator to play a game of 1-90 Bingo. Therefore, all of the dabbing, all of the bingo calling, all of the organising of when and where must be done by you and your friends and fam – but that's the fun part right?

In your group, nominate who'll be Bingo Caller and the rest load up a ticket on a device of their choice and play along!

The Bingo Caller

The Bingo Caller will use the machine here to generate the numbers for a game, not forgetting to deliver the Bingo Lingo with vim and vigour!

If you're in a video-call, it can be useful for The Bingo Caller to share their screen so everyone can see what numbers are coming out. Go without if you’re feelin’ pro!


Each player simply navigates to the Bingo Ticket – this will generate a random ticket for a game. Dab along as the numbers come out!

If you're wanting to play multiple tickets, you could open the page more than once - both at your peril and if you can be arsed. Refreshing the page will generate a new page so be careful not to do that accidentally.

Aim of the game

My friends and fam play first to a horizontal line, then first to a full house but feel free to get creative...

Maybe you play for real money? Maybe the winner nominates a charity they’d like to donate to? Maybe you drink for all odd numbers? Maybe you play 10 tickets at a time by having 10 pages open?