1Kelly’s eye

2One little duck

3Cup of tea

4Knock at the door

5Man alive

6Tom Mix/Half a dozen

7Lucky seven

8Garden gate

9Doctor’s orders

10Boris’ den

11Legs eleven

12One dozen

13Unlucky for some

14Valentine’s Day

15Young and keen

16Sweet 16

17Dancing queen

18Coming of age

19Goodbye teens

20One score

21Key of the door

22Two little ducks

23Thee and me

24Two dozen

25Duck and dive

26Pick and mix

27Gateway to heaven

28In a state/Over weight

29Rise and shine

30Dirty Gertie

31Get up and run

32Buckle my shoe

33Fish, chips & peas

34Ask for more

35Jump and jive

36Three dozen

37More than eleven

38Christmas cake

3939 steps

40Life begins

41Time for fun

42Winnie the Pooh

43Down on your knees

44Droopy drawers

45Halfway there

46Up to tricks

47Four and seven

48Four dozen


50Half a century

51Tweak of the thumb

52Danny La Rue

53Stuck in a tree

54Clean the floor

55Snakes alive

56Shotts Bus

57Heinz varieties

58Make them wait

59Brighton Line

60Five dozen

61Baker’s bun


63Tickle me 63

64Red raw

65Old age pension

66Clickety click

67Stairway to heaven

68Saving Grace

69Favourite of mine

70Three score and ten

71Bang on the drum

72Six dozen

73Queen bee

74Hit the floor

75Strive and strive


77Sunset strip

7839 more steps

79One more time

80Eight and blank

81Stop and run

82Straight on through

83Time for tea

84Seven dozen

85Staying alive

86Between the sticks

87Torquay in Devon

88Two fat ladies

89Nearly there

90Top of the shop

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